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APRIL 2017

"Are You a Pelvic Floor Evangelist?" by Renee Quiring

When you were young, did you learn about menses, defecation, and voiding? In other words, did you learn about periods, poop, and pee? Did you learn about these subjects in home or in school? Were you taught by your mom or another trusted female? 



"Eleven Things to Expect from a Pelvic Health Assessment"
by Renee Quiring

One of the first questions a pelvic health specialist must ask is why you are coming in for physiotherapy. These questions are often of a very personal and intimate nature, and require a very compassionate, caring and thoughtful approach. To be well-informed; you need to know that in order to provide you the best pelvic health care, there is the possibility of an internal exam. 


JUNE 2016 

"Is the Biopsychosocial Approach Enough?" by Renee Quiring

Have you ever enjoyed the architecture and grandeur of European cathedrals? When you enter the sanctuary, candles, artistry and grand music create an ethereal experience. These buildings were constructed for a specific purpose and meaning. The spire was intended to point to God and the bells called the community together to worship in unity. The church was the centre of the community where births, marriages, and the painful experience of death were commemorated. Within the walls, the teaching of stories, proverbs and poetry brought conversion of thoughts and beliefs and gave hope to those in pain. Compassion, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness were understood to bring healing to the suffering and those in pain. Existential questions were examined and studied. Unfortunately, many of these ancient buildings are vacant because the modern world has abandoned their teachings.



"The Mighty Pelvic Floor" by Renee Quiring

Are you going to the bathroom every hour? Do you get up at night to void? Do you leak when you cough, sneeze or run? Do you suffer with constipation? Is it painful to use a tampon? Do you have tailbone pain or back pain that won’t go away? Hip pain that wakes you up at night? Pre or postpartum issues? Do you live with pressure in your pelvis? Do you have post-surgical pain or weakness in the abdomen or pelvis?